Snowboarding in Squaw – December

It’s been a while since I had the chance to snowboard routinely. Thankfully, living in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe is only about three hours away. Makes it really easy to go up for the full weekend. I also found a sweet cabin that I can rent for cheap for a weekend, has a full kitchen, a Finnish sauna, it’s awesome. I was able to head up a few times in December. It was a mixture of fun and annoyance.

December 9th – 11th


I got there on a nice day around noon, but just went straight to pick up my season pass. Then went straight to my cabin. Like I said, the cabin is awesome. The sauna reminds me being in Lappish-Finland in 2015. Had a lot of fun while being there with a lot of good friends.


Since it was still about 4 PM or so, I went to go search stuff out and explore. I have never been to Lake Tahoe before, so going down and looking at the lake was legit. The lake was gorgeous especially for the time of the year. The oncoming rain clouds made a great scenery addition too. It worked out well, if only I had a better camera.


It was time to go up the following Saturday! OH WAIT! It rained. All. Day. It. Sucked. But Sunday was great, very Icey but great. I demoed a Jones Flagship snowboard and Cartel EST bindings, which was great in the icy conditions. Especially for Squaw the board seemed to work out well. There was a downside in that, I wear a 13 shoe, and not having a wide board is generally a nice thing to have when carving down the mountain, but the Jones Flagship made that a non-need. It was great going down.

Saturday 17th – 18th

The next time that I got to go up was the following weekend. Staying in the same cabin which was full, it didn’t rain, it was an excellent time. Initially.

So many things went wrong that day. Lets list them:

  • Board had coreshot on Day 1
  • Burton Cartel EST binding broke
  • Burton Cartel Leg Guard (not really sure of the technical term) snapped and was unusable for the rest of the trip
  • Snowboard Boots were manufactured incorrectly.  Right foot boot – right toe, left heel.

Probably some of the worst luck on a single day ever. Eventually it all got replaced, thankfully REI was willing to help out there, but it just sucked having all that happen with brand new equipment..


All in all it was a good time, and am looking to go back several times this new year!


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