Norrøna – Winter Gear – My Review

I really enjoy technical equipment/gear for outdoor equipment. Backpacks, jackets, clothing, all of it. My current list of technical clothing includes:

  • North Face NFZ Shell Pants
  • Arcteryx Alpha SL Hybrid
  • Acrteryx Rush Jacket
  • Columbia Omni-heat baselayers
  • North Face
  • Various smartwool socks

However, there is a problem, I don’t have a lot of baselayer for socks, leggings, shirts, etc. Everything I have is meant for temperatures below 0F / -17C. Which isn’t a problem if the temperatures are in that range… so far, California has not had those types of temperatures. Sweden, Norway, and Finland did. Definitely Finland, -5C while I was visiting.

So cue the purchase of some new gear. I purchased:

  • lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Jacket
  • falketind warm1 Hoodie
  • 2x /29 logo Beanie
  • falketind lightweight

Norrøna is not a very well known brand in the US, they are based out of Norway and recently entered the US market (in terms of shipping their gear to the US). I first found a Norrøna store while visiting Stockholm for a month, it is located here non Kungsgatan, and it got me intrigued. Their gear looked very well made and designed well with though placed into where each pocket, thumb hold and other items being placed. It got me excited, but the prices in Sweden for their gear were ridiculous – the currency equaled to be about $750 at the time for their best jacket.

I was able to purchase the jacket on their web shop for much cheaper, surprisingly they had a lot of stuff on  discount (at 20% off) and free shipping – which was great! Not sure if they intended this, as their website states four to seven days delivery, but they seem to have paid for FedEx International Priority shipping which means it would arrive in three days! An awesome bonus which would mean that it would arrive before my trip to Squaw for the weekend.

Something that was incredibly surprising, was how slim fitting the clothes are. I thought these clothes wouldn’t be comfortable at all at first glance and first wear, but I was pleasantly surprised.

falketind warm1 Hoodie

I received this while at work, and my work environment is already pretty warm but I figured why not try it on to see how it comes out.

It worked well in the office and in general for a normal hoodie. I was quite surprised. The hoodie is quite comfortable, and after unlocking the snaps for the hoodie section, it’s really loose fitting. It’s outfitted with Polartec, which is a well known company known for their polar fleece. Some photos are below. The jacket has some thumb hoops that allow the sleeves to stay over the hands. The hoodie has a stomach pocket that goes from left to right hand side and is huge! It works well in almost any scenario. This is one of the nicest hoods I have ever had.

The jacket is super nice, and it was incredibly warm when trying to snowboard over the weekend. It didn’t ride up when boarding which was excellent.

lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

This jacket, just like the hoodie, was very well made, and of course very slim fitting. I guess Norwegians aren’t exactly as large as Americans, which is good I am trying to lose some weight – it’s a motivation to continue to fit into this jacket. I thought the jacket was going to be hard to snowboard in due to the slimness of the jacket, but, it turned out to be exceedingly easy to snowboard in. It was wonderful. The jacket itself is covered in durable water repellent and in Gore-Tex 3 Layer Pro jacket. It also has hand gaiters which are nice, these keep the parts between the glove and the jacket from getting snow up the arm. It works great! Not something that exists in my Arcteryx Rush Jacket which was a great in the deep powder that happened over Martin Luther King weekend. The one thing that sorta bums me out is that this jacket does not have a Recco reflector in it. The reason for this is that this is a top of the line jacket, meant for outdoors enthusiasts. I was trying to look up the occurrences of avalanches in Norway using various sites. But I guess Recco reflectors are not as necessary in Norway as in the US.

Some photos are below, I don’t have any from during the snowboarding session though, unfortunately.

/29 Logo Beanie

A beanie is a beanie. Sometimes they itch, these itch me. However, I think that once they are washed the itchiness will go away. The beanies are super warm and meant for temperatures near freezing, so if you wear them in 45F or higher, expect to have to take it off. Heck I had to take if off snowboarding sometimes because it was too warm.


Overall, I am really impressed with this gear. The clothing is very well made, designed for cold environments which I love and thrive in, and I enjoy the fact that I got a huge discount, free shipping, equipment that works well in most conditions and is “unique” to the US since it isn’t very well known.

I would definitely recommend purchasing all of this gear again. Definitely!

Norrøna did not endorse this review in any way. All clothing equipment was purchased by me.

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