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IT Engineer


Professional Profile


Produce creative solutions by being curious about each component of the problem, which then allows to create a long-term solution. To increase personal knowledge by being exposed to a variety of innovative technologies and new experiences.

Professional Summary

I am a determined person who works hard to complete the most challenging tasks. I adapt quickly when it comes to changing work environments. I enjoy the challenge of self-learning. I plan carefully so whatever I am doing will be successful for the long term. I work hard.

I get excited when working with new technologies and creating new ways to break the mold on traditional systems. I enjoy thinking "out of the box" to come up with new resolutions on how to resolve these challenges.

Personal Summary

I am interested in a wide variety of topics, ranging from technology to cooking, music to snowboarding, photography and training.

My music interests for instance range from classical to metal, from jazz to electro, from pop to rock. Music has been a strong inspiration for me, as I feel there is always a song to go with a moment. I played the drum set for many years, and am always excited at the chance to listen to live music from rock to classical. You can find what I am currently listening to, or have listened to, on my last.fm page.

I deeply enjoy snowboarding and all things related to snow. Whenever I get the chance to go to the mountains, I take the opportunity to make as many runs as I can. If you would like to see my snowboard trips, check out my blog! I also enjoy hiking during winter seasons. It is a challenge in which few people partake.



Over my career, I have been dedicated to learning and mentoring, and improving my skill set. To do that, I have found the best way is by self-learning and hands-on experience. When guidance is required, I then tend to lend on fellow employees and managers to help advance.

Teaching/ Mentorship


System Administration







  • Airwatch/Workspace One
  • Atlassian
  • AutoPkg(r)
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Custom SAML
  • DHCP / isc-dhcp
  • DNS / bind9
  • Docker
  • G Suite
  • GCP
  • git
  • Github Enterprise
  • Jenkins
  • macOS
  • macOS packaging
  • Meraki
  • Munki
  • Networking (CCNA/CCNP)
  • Office Suite / O365
  • Okta
  • Palo Alto Network
  • PostgreSQL
  • Puppet
  • Scripting (Bash & Python)
  • Server 2019
  • Technical Writing
  • Ubiquiti Networks
  • Virtualization (ESXi, Xen)
  • Windows 10


EMC Academic Associate, Information Storage and Management July 2015 Verification
EMC Academic Associate, Cloud Infrastructure and Services June 2014 Verification
Cisco Cisco Certified Networking Professional Student
May 2012  
Cisco Cisco Certified Networking Associate Student May 2010  

Cisco removed the ability to access NetAcad Academy Connection after 30th of June 2013. I am unable to provide verification of certificates or courses.

Language Skills

Growing up in the United States, English was taught as my native language. As school curriculums require a mandatory secondary language skill, I decided to choose Spanish. Now, after having lived in Sweden for a year, my focus has shifted from learning Spanish to Swedish. I am continually learning Swedish with a variety of tools.

English - Native


Several Years Experience!

Over the past several years, I have held a variety of jobs in different roles. All of these roles have allowed me to continue my educational experience by learning new thought processes, software, and ways of handling different tasks. Each position allowed me to build upon the knowledge I had previously gained. This offered me the opportunity to apply myself in current roles which made me stand out from the crowd.


Senior IT Engineer

2019 - Present
Create various project plans to help facilitate the growth of the IT team in our San Francisco office, and abroad. In addition, help onboard new IT managers.

IT Support Engineer II

2016 - 2018
Be a super hero to people needing IT assistance. Provision laptops for new employees. Troubleshoot and resolve helpdesk related issues. Manage service desk portal and knowledge base for all employees. Create policies for future IT situations and services. Create laptop management system using various open source tools. Create tools to help expedite SOX audit. On past notable projects, I created an asset management tracking system using Snipe-IT.

Game Server


2010 - 2014
Managed a team of eight that would assist in moderating the game server. I configured remote administration tools for in-game use, configured and secured servers, patched servers, and listened to feedback from players about requests they made via Google Forms. Created a mini-tournament for the Battlefield series between EVGA and OCN.
LORD Corporation

Information Systems


2011 - 2012
Worked in an IT Service Desk Role in an ITIL & ITAR environment with 3,000+ employees. My main responsibilities included deployment of PC's, mobile devices, printers, and software. I also assisted with asset management tracking, virus removal, drive encryption and decryption, networking, and lab environments.

Networking Editor

2009 - 2011
Published material relating to networking and security specific topics. I created events that would help spread ideas about being safe, and staying secure online. I dealt with terms of service violations by reporting them, and taking necessary action.
Lowes Foods

Customer Service

2007 - 2012
I was a lead night-shift cashier, bagger, stocker, and customer service representative. I verified that customer's visits met company standards, and resolved all issues within the customer service role before bringing a manager to discuss with the customer. Assisted the delicatessen to help push sales of Boar's Head Deli Meats and Cheeses.

Volunteering For Extraordinary Causes!

While professional experience is highly sought after, volunteer experience should be too! Since I was about 16, I have been volunteering for numerous causes. Over the past 6 years, a majority of these have been student causes, research studies, or just helping out where I find a subject that is interesting. Below I have listed the most relevant volunteer positions for my goals first.

East Carolina University

ECU Presenter

2013 - 2015
As a representative of East Carolina University, giving presentations to incoming students about life on campus as a transfer student, and activities which they could be involved in. Question and Answer sessions were held after each presentation. These presentations included students ranging from the age of nineteen to thirty, and group sizes of five to seventy-five people.
Växjö Intl. Students

Consultant for

Governing Body

2014 - 2015
Assisted Växjö International Students (VIS) committees. This consisted of providing ways for VIS to more effectively follow their charter, aligning international students to more closely participate in Swedish student events and organizataions.
Växjö Intl. Students

Facilitator for

Sports Committee

Assisted Växjö International Students (VIS) sports committee. Helped facilitate a volleyball competition, help manage and lead a 50 student skiing/snowboarding trip to Isaberg, Sweden.
Växjö Intl. Students

Photographer for

Media Committee

Assisted Växjö International Students (VIS) media committees. I took and edited photographs for different VIS events, including a volleyball tournament, snowboarding and skiing trip, Stockholm city trip, and other VIS activities. These were posted on the VIS facebook page.
Norrlands Nation

Facilitator for

Sports Committee

Assisted Norrlands Nation with creating and facilitating a dodgeball tournament, a soccer tournament, and other events. Throughout this, I created event posters to hang around Linnaeus University, and took photographs for the Norrlands Nation facebook page.

Bar Employee

Volunteered at a student pub that sees an average of 500 students a night, primarily international students. My roles were bartending, entry guard, bottle and cup pickup, cleaning, coat check, and cashier. Worked in hourly shifts at each station. Afterwards we cleaned the pub.

Bar Employee

Volunteered at a student pub that sees an average of 450 students a night, primarily Swedish students. Average sales would be about $10,000.00 USD. My roles were bartending, entry/exit guard, line security, bottle and cup pickup, coat check, cook. Each station is worked in an hourly rotation. Afterwards, we cleaned the pub.


A Diverse Education

I started my higher-education experience at Wake Tech College, focusing on Networking and System Administration. I started a program that would allow me to transfer to a four-year university within the University of North Carolina education system. Afterwards, I was accepted into East Carolina University, and from there worked with a variety of software and hands-on tools that would allow me to excel in a real-world environment. While at East Carolina University, I had the opportunity to study in Sweden, where I took courses on Swedish and Nordic culture, International Law, and Security. In all, I had a very rewarding educational period, concluding with my graduation in July 2015 at East Carolina University.

East Carolina University

Bachelor of Science

2013 - 2015
Graduated with a Major in Computer & Information Technology, July 2015. Concentrating on virtualization and system storage. East Carolina University is located in Greenville, North Carolina.

Study Abroad

2014 - 2015
While at Linnéuniversitetet (or Linnaeus University, in English), a variety of courses, both cultural and technical were taken. The university is located in Växjö, Sweden.
Wake Tech. Comm. College

Associate in Science

2009 - 2013
Graduated in May of 2013, with a Major in Networking Technologies. Concentrating on CCNA, CCNP, and System Administration. Wake Technical Community College is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Employee "Kudos"

Below are some of the reviews that I have received from peers while working in the industry. While I received many via Service Desk ticket closure reviews, and phone calls, I choose emails that I received that I particularly valued based on the work, complexity of the problem, past breakfix resolutions, or based on the person.

ThousandEyes - Paulo C.

Andrew was able to push forward and successfully complete this (Meeting Room Management) project that solves a big internal issue the company has been having for a while. Andrew worked closely with the Finance team and implemented the asset management (system). Andrew created a detailed and thorough plan to implement a laptop management system, one of the biggest IT challenges we have.

Please note, this was slightly edited to make a larger paragraph.

ThousandEyes - Natalie P.

It's been great to see the thought and effort that you put into the facility-related IT projects (even the frustrating and unreasonable ones haha). It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!👍

LORD Corporation - Ross B.

I am writing to comment about a recent event with your organization. I recently placed an iPhone order. ... advised I contact the Help Desk to install the iTunes software. Literally within minutes of me placing the request Andrew called me to install the software on my system, which he completed with swift professionalism. ... The speed of fulfillment of the requests and the professionalism demonstrated by each team member along the chain were truly exceptional displays of customer service – a feat not easily accomplished in an area as challenging as client support. This was truly a “job well done.”
Ross B.

LORD Corporation - Nathan H.

Wanted to give some Kudos to Andrew for identifying a simple fix to an issue our group has been having for a couple of years with HFM add-in for excel crashing. Your group probably spent 12 hrs on this issue last year rebuilding profiles, pc’s etc…, so this will save us all some time.
Nathan H.


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