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Apologies for the mess, I am in the middle of transitioning my site from a jumbled mess to a less jumbled mess (IE: Jekyll). Please let me know if there are any issues with any part of the site!

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Obtaining the Okta Root CA from OIE

Do you have a requirement to complete the trust chain for the Okta intermediary CA, here is how to do it!

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Dealing with Airlines to get Reimbursement

How I tend to deal with airlines to get the maximum reimbursement claim paid out.

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Why you should use a Bluetooth or UWB...

Why I use a Tile Tracker in every bag I travel with, and why you should too!

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Expanding on GitHub Tracking Automation

Automatically create Parent and Child teams based on HR data in GitHub.

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Automating TravelPerk Approval Process using Okta Workflows

Automating the approval process based on Manager ID value in Okta.

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Automating Expensify using Okta Workflows

Automatically creating & updating employee information in Expensify using Okta Driven Events.

Plex & Google Drive - a perfect match
Using docker-compose for media automation and Google Drive...

Configure an automated media service for the home using docker-compose, and the automation functions to make Plex & Calibre an awesome experience.

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URI/URL & Deep Linking to Workspace One Application...

Munki and JAMF both support linking to URI referencing options. Workspace One has struggled with this, until now...

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Tracking Github Accounts and automatically assigning the application...

How to assign Github based on attribute context, while tracking information for audits and through external system logs.

Photo taken from unsplash by @bradfordnicolas, for use with SSH Key blog post by Andrew Doering.
Pushing SSH keys from Okta to AD

When using SSSd with Linux, pushing SSH Keys from Okta to Active Directory, allowing for flexibility to push ssh keys to other services/systems. This also allows for SSH keys to...

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How we deployed MDM (Workspace One) to hundreds...

This blog post summarizes the thoughts and processes behind our deployment of workspace one to several hundred devices on both Windows and macOS.

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Monitoring ZFS and Docker with TIG

Long term monitoring with Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana for Docker, ZFS, and System Performance. This will go into graph reporting and metrics.

Image about MongoDB Authorization Issues with Okta LDAP Interface. Intro image.
Authorizing MongoDB Atlas users against Okta's LDAP Groups...

Previously MongoDB systems earlier than 4.4 versions, did not properly support doing lookups in Okta's LDAP interface properly, but recently that has changed. Come find out how!

Icon Image, Infrastructure Engineer Article
Infrastructure Engineer Deployment - Example

This is an infrastructure engineer assignment outline, that was created for an interview challenge.

Image about Active Directory to Okta mastering transition proces. Intro image.
Transitioning To Okta From Active Directory - New...

Transitioning from legacy Active Directory to a cloud centric HRIS, Okta, and Push System. This blog post will go over all workflow process of transitioning, this does not go into...

Image about Okta and Workspace1 Interoperability. Intro image.
Workspace One & Okta - User(s) and Group(s)...

This guide covers how to setup member and group importing, the correct way, in Airwatch/Workspace One using Okta as an LDAP backend.

Image about using nudge on macOS for updates. Intro image.
macOS - Using nudge to deploy major (and...

This goes over how to deploy nudge to manage macOS Updates in combination with tools and documentation software like Munki or Confluence.

Airwatch/Workspace ONE - Using SAML and LDAP with...

This is a good first read if you want to delve into SAML and WS1 configurations. Please see the updated post for a more up to date and more functional...

vmware / ESXi + macOS 10.13 APFS

This is a verbatim copy of a blog post written by "licson" as his site was going down.

G Suite Enterprise - CA List for S/MIME...

My company just recently enabled G Suite Enterprise on our Google Accounts in an attempt to provide a more seamless process for email encryption. We ran into a bit of...

Asset Management in the modern age

There are a lot of tools out there that can assist with Asset Management. Dozens upon dozens, literally. I am sure that a bunch of these seem to initially been...