macOS – Using nudge to deploy major (and minor) OS updates

Having users update that do not have administrator permissions in macOS is a pain. Thankfully there is a cool (not new, but not well known) tool out called nudge (by Erik Gomez). You find the tool here on Github. I will be going over how we are implementing this at ThousandEyes. Prerequisites GCP Bucket (because […]


Airwatch/Workspace ONE – Using SAML and LDAP with Okta

UPDATE 12/22/2019 – Please see this post for a more up to date and more functionaly guide. It is good to read this first, before doing the other one however to get a better understanding of our initial decisions. In this writeup, I will go over the configuration settings that I used, and worked with […]


vmware / ESXi + macOS 10.13 APFS

First off, this is a verbatim copy of a blog post written here (https://licson.net/post/vmware-apfs/) and a cached content version here I don’t take credit for the content of this at all, the developer deserves all credit for his ingenuity, but I am reposting this as it is incredibly useful, and the current blog has gone […]


G Suite Enterprise – CA List for S/MIME Encryption

My company just recently enabled G Suite Enterprise on our Google Accounts in an attempt to provide a more seamless process for email encryption. We ran into a bit of an issue though, our certificate chain wasn’t trusted. Throwing out this message when attempting to upload anything. This proved very odd to us, as the […]

G Suite, S/MIME

Snowboarding in Squaw – January

I was able to up to Squaw after Martin Luther King weekend, which with the week before a huge snow fall occurred. Reportedly 15 feet. That seems like an idiotic amount and it definitely didn’t seem like that much when we were out there. However, it was still great snow! It was fresh and unpacked. […]


Norrøna – Winter Gear – My Review

I really enjoy technical equipment/gear for outdoor equipment. Backpacks, jackets, clothing, all of it. My current list of technical clothing includes: North Face NFZ Shell Pants Arcteryx Alpha SL Hybrid Acrteryx Rush Jacket Columbia Omni-heat baselayers North Face Various smartwool socks However, there is a problem, I don’t have a lot of baselayer for socks, leggings, […]


Snowboarding in Squaw – December

It’s been a while since I had the chance to snowboard routinely. Thankfully, living in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe is only about three hours away. Makes it really easy to go up for the full weekend. I also found a sweet cabin that I can rent for cheap for a weekend, has a full kitchen, […]


Asset Management in the modern age

There are a lot of tools out there that can assist with Asset Management. Dozens upon dozens, literally. I am sure that a bunch of these seem to initially been designed for multiple purposes, I personally don’t believe that is a good design choice. The more solutions you add to a single utility, the more […]

Asset Management
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