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👋 Hey there!

In 2015, I started a blog using Wordpress, at the time it was convenient enough. But it became unmanageable, updating was always a pain, and trying to quickly publish content was not fun.

In 2020, I looked at upgrading both my CV/Portfolio and Blog page. I eventually found a theme I liked on themeforest, and then spent the next few weeks converting it to Jekyll. This was much easier and more manageable at the time. But, I needed to make a lot of modifications, to a code base I didn’t know very well. When updates occurred to the base of the theme, I had to redownload, and re-factor everything, which was nightmarish.

Skip forward to today, and for 2024, I plan on switching to Hugo and it’s theming system. This appears to be more manageable, file and image management is more manageable, and I can more easily rebase code without affecting the original codebase. Which is fantastic. This theme also includes all of the things I was attempting to do with Jekyll, without requiring massive modifications, modules, or plug-ins.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoy the experience of the new blog!


Thanks for stopping by!
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